Vedhanai Vedikkai Aavadhenna?
Vetkam Vesham Aanadhenna?
Vel paayum vegathin vilaiyenna?
VinzhyaanamE badhil solvaaya?


Murali Rajendran 7:35 PM  

should i be pinching myself to shake off the disbelief :p

hmm, kinda made out the lines but couldn't relate with the imagery! and good to see some sure signs of life :)

Priya 3:56 PM  

i kno! long time...

what does the third line mean?

Nivedhitha 4:12 PM  

as opposed to a cupid's arrow, (whose velocity you do not mind) - what is this arrow of poison meant to mean?

- thats what that means! :)

Aswin Kumar 2:17 AM  

i would go with murali....made up the meanings of those lines......but unable 2 corner in the source/inspiration for these lines...good to see some life...a loooooong awaited one (:=

Anonymous 12:47 PM  

idharkku vignaanaththai vida mejjnaanam bathilaLikka vaaippirukkiRathu... niec post.. :-)


Aswin Kumar 5:30 AM  

hey niv....
i wanna know what exactly u meant by "what is this arrow of poison meant to mean?
- thats what that means! :)
is it the cupid arrows love part u trying to hit on?

Deepu Vasudevan 1:12 AM  


(Its the best I can come up with)

Revathi R 3:45 PM  

Hey, missing your touching lines! Do keep posting!

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