thanimai enbadharku pagal enna? iravenna?
thaaniyangi thalai thaangum
thanmaanam thunai enna?

thaLLaadi thadumaari
thulaindhum povadhenna?
thondi paarumadi !
thaan ennum thee enna?


Murali Rajendran 8:21 AM  

took a long, hard look at the lines...seemed to get only a very faint idea! googled on the 'tag' to get 'veer zaara' as one of the hits, and i gave up on it.

couldn't crack it esp the last two lines!!

BASU 3:40 PM  


Murali Rajendran 1:33 AM  

lately there's been more of mounam than mozhigal on your pages blogger! juggling with too many things?!

Vijay 12:11 AM  

Nice verses. u might wanto consider posting in tamil fonts though.If you are not aware ..... you can use for google transliteration.

Badri 11:45 AM  

தனிமை என்பதற்கு
பகல் என்ன ? இரவென்ன ?
தானியங்கி தலை தாங்கும்
தன்மானம் துணை என்ன?

தள்ளாடி தடுமாறி
துளைந்தும் போவதென்ன ?
தோண்டி பாருமடி
தான் என்னும் தீ என்ன?

First two lines thavira, ennaku edhume puriyala :(

Priya 6:02 PM  

same here! couldn get much... but, would love to :)

Nivedhitha 12:06 PM  

@ everybody!

apologies for the long absence! but been juggling with too many things (yeah murali! i am) n hardly ever found time to revert to this page!

self esteem is the one thing that requires no company. it does not require ego, support, sympathy empathy, anything for that matter. when its on its path to restore the respect it deserves, it could be alone thought without 'thaan dhaan' ennum ego!

one of those random posts, inspired by the movie sringaram.


Murali Rajendran 11:39 PM  

looks like the blog author's truly done the disappearing get back some time lady!

Girish 6:53 PM  

i dont think i agree!
Self esteem i think is in SOME way influenced by how the world sympathises or empathises or looks at you...
i interpreted it slightly differently LOL!

to me, i thought it seemed like a reminder to use these times of abject loneliness to undertake an inward journey to find that one thing that could keep the fire inside burning :)) :))

maybe influenced a LOT by my present state of wretched joblessness!

thanakkul thee yEdhum thOndraa tharuNangaLil,
thuNaikku thOL kodukkavum thOzhan yevanum illaamal,
thEindhu tharuthalaiyaai thiriyum thuppu kettavan aanen tharpOdhu!

Saranya Chandrasekaran 6:05 PM  

hey nivy..

seriously couldnt understand a word without that explanation of yours :) Good one!! liked the rhythm in the words.. And yeah.. try that transliteration.. for all the poems..

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