aathiram pongudhadi thozhi
ennuL aathiram pongudhadi

saasthiram pesugira moodargaL madhdhiyil
en aanavam paayudhadi

aathiram sirikudhadi
veriyudan aathiram sirikudhadi
kaalangaL kadakindra en kaayangaL
kaal adiye kathi kadharudadi.. thozhi..

aathiram thoongudhadi
ennodu, adhuvum imai moodudhadi! 


Murali Rajendran 12:28 PM  

vivid lines on livid rage...before i forget again, my aunt often refers to you as 'moondru kaal muyal' from one of the posts that i read out to her :)

Nivedhitha 3:04 PM  

haha! moondru kaal muyal! :) thanks man!

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence" - Ansel Adams

In this space you will find images and words. It is upto you to weave 'em together and see what I see.