a lil girl who was abandoned as she was a child... manages to cross evry hurdle that comes her way... as she grows up... she is perinially amidst strangers, who expect her to live as per their needs.. but she resists the change time n again.in her own world as she lives her happy life.. she suddenly realises he emptiness in her life. she realises that she has no body ... no place to go... and that ... this is the only permanent thing abt her life.. involuntarily she sheds a few tears.as the thoughts begin to take control of her actions.. her self confidence is shattered.... caught in the web of self pity.. as she looks back at her life... she realises.. she was never "in control " of her life... but has always been a puppet... a sculpture ... shaping her self thru the test of times!

aaru malaiyaiyum ezhu kadaLaiyum thaandi
meendum uyir kondu ezhundhavaL ivaL

anniyargaLin mathiyil pudhiya chitthiram varaiyave
pudhu vadivam amaithukoLLa marutha bharathiyin pudhumai peN ivaL

thulli maan pol ullaasa poongatril
uLaa sendra poovidhazh kaayapada...

meen vizhigalin oram
mudhan murai neer kasindhadhu

aadharavindri pokidamindri nadu veedhiyil
pogum padhai ariyaa kuzhandhai aagida

veen sindhanaigaLin aazham ariyave
thannambikkai meendum sidhaindhadhu

oru tharunam nindrapadiye kadandhu vandha padhaiyai
oru nodi paarthida vaazhkai veen sendra iru adi siru kadhaiyaai aanadheno?

ena eNNInaaL.. aadhanga-thee kuLithaaL
chaatai kayiraal bommai aaTam aadiyapadiye
silaiyaagi thannai thaane sedhuki kondaaL.


Sreekesh Menon 1:19 PM  

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OH MY GOD!!! That was JUST TOO GOOD! hmmm...i want to say more! don't know how to say it though!

me 6:11 PM  

@ thanks guys!

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